Study Abroad in Tunisia (video)

Tunis, Tunisia, 2012 – The Tunisia study abroad program led by Dr. Salah Ayari, Director of the Arabic and Asian Languages Office, gave 14 participants the opportunity to experience Tunisia’s rich and diverse culture that is deeply rooted in Arabic and Islamic traditions.
Students stayed in Tunis, Tunisia, and kept a daily reflective journal, and visited many historic sites.

Education in Tunisia (video)

Tunisia System of Education
Tunisia, March 5th, 2012 – Project made by Meriem Ben Slimen, Imen Abid, Alia Latrous & Emna Bechrifa (at 1S 9 – Ariana Pioneer School) – Tunisia – Supervised by Mr. Safouen Rezgui

A Couple Essential Statistics As Well As Information About The Arabic Language

Arabic languages happen to be some of the most commonly utilized around the world. Research has found Arabic language presently is within the top five most used dialects around the planet, having many speakers around the planet. In fact, recent facts show this dialect happens to be used amongst almost 200 million folks on this planet.

Dialects in Arabic use the words of the Qur’an, that tends to be the holy text of the Islamic world. You will discover it is because of this various languages are typically used in the Muslim world.

You will find there are numerous dialects in Arabic. Although, Classical Arabic has an unique meaning in regards to Muslims due to the Qur’an utilizing it.

What people typically observe and hear these days tends to be a form termed Modern Arabic. This language happens to be employed on radio, on TV and for different sectors of the media. In the event you attend a world meeting, you then often will hear this modern kind utilized between literate Arab officials.

Beyond these scenarios, regional dialects can differ extensively. You will discover it happens to be for this reason an Iranian speaker might discover it to be rather hard to comprehend the terms spoken by say somebody from Egypt.

Education tends to require time. Lots of people feel this dialect is a difficult language to be able to acquire knowledge in. Though, this belief tends to be right just as it refers to all foreign dialects a person attempts to become proficient in. For example, whenever you have some experience regarding German, then you might realize Arabic language tends to be a lot less difficult to learn compared to German, despite the fact that the language of German will be generally considered among the simpler dialects to learn.

One secret is investing a period of time in mastering this language. The portion several individuals find tough will be languages in Arabic, different than most European languages, will not have related letters plus letter sounds. In order to combat the initial obstacle, an individual will need to understand root words.

The difficult notion for folks to master or else understand is the root words. Nevertheless, the root text is an essential grammar feature, thus must be known previous to moving forward. Their words contain 3 letter roots, which convey a simple idea to the listener or reader. Next, the original 3 root letters will be added so as to create the more complicated but related terms.

In order to become skilled at these various languages one needs more than time. It takes a certain amount of practice also. You will have to visit and stay at various places learning the various dialects you encounter. These variations are usually considerable, hence should you not dedicate a period of time among the people you will not grasp the basics of another language, never mind the finer points.

Learning an Arabic language is a fascinating plus rewarding situation. True enthusiasm tends to be needed giving you a learned dialect as well as personal satisfaction as well.

If you like this language, then you may also enjoy learn Chinese language, learn Spanish language and learn sign language.

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